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Who is Clamp ?

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Clamp is the name for a group of mangaka (manga drawers) very talented. They were about ten at their beginning, but only seven of them really start working with this name :

- OHKAWA Nanase
- APAPA Mokona
- NEKOI Mikku
- IGARASHI Satsuki
- SEI Leeza (works alone for now)
- AKIYAMA Tamayo (works alone for now)

Currently, only four of them keeps working together under the CLAMP name, and the tasks are dispach this way :


(previously called Nanase OHKAWA)
Ageha OHKAWA  Version de janvier 2005
2 may 1967, taurus
blood type A

She's the leader. She writes the scenarios and decides the main lines for important characters. She's also in charge of production, planning, etc...

favorite color : black and white
favorite meel : pates, mcdonald's, barbecue
hated meel : vegetables
representative animal : pingouin
favorite story : cutey honey


(previously called Mokona APAPA)
MOKONA  Version de janvier 2005
16 june 1968, gemini
blood type A

She's the main drawer : she makes the storybaords, and draw the pages from Ohkawa's original ideas.

favorite color : white
favorite meel : potatoes with sauce
hated meel : grapefruit and cream
favorite story : Nadia

Tsubaki NEKOI

(previously called Mick NEKOI)
Tsubaki NEKOI  Version de janvier 2005 - avec le chien fou !
21 january 1969, piscus
blood type O

Assistant. She's in charge of the scenery and black and white filling, details.
It seems she was also the main drawer for some titles (Wish, Suki Dakara Suki...)

favorite color : black
favorite food : rice
hated food : vapour-cooked vegetables
representative animal : dolphin
favorite story : capitain futur


Satsuki IGARASHI  Version de janvier 2005
8 february 1969, piscus
blood type O

Assistant. She takes care of the final lay-out and the "screen-tons", that means interjections and sounds showed by text on the page. She works together with Nekoi.

favorite color : black and green
favorite meel : rice
hated meel : vegetables
favorite story : cyclone of galaxy

They are from Osaka, Kyoto and Shiga, but they keep secret about their private life. No more to say about them !

Clamp "mascots"

From Suki Dakar Suki, those strange things mean to represent Clamp's members... O_o That's how I call the way they drw themselves ^_^

They efectively use to draw, at the end of several manga, some mini-chapters where they appears and interact with their characters. Most of the time, it's Nekoi who works on those short stories. What is funny is that those "caricatures" evolve with time, ans so whe can see if they change hair-cut for example.

Each member of Clamp has her personnal mascot figuring an animal :
  • Ageha Ohkawa looks like a little rabbit - but now it's rather a fox,
  • Mokona keeps behaving as a playing cat,
  • Tsubaki Nekoi draws herself as a dog - note that now she HAS a mascot dog on pictures,
  • and Satsuki Igarashi was a squirel (with glasses) - but she looks now like a monkey I think.