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On this page you'll find all the lists and sites where Clamp Memorial is registered.

If you want to exchange link with me, that's simple :
~ Send me a mail with your name, and the adress and name of your site
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Sites + Fan Listings

Info Clamp
by Elodea

Info Clamp

French site, with plenty of news about Clamp and their works.
Manga Lovers
by Minaya

Manga Lovers

My FA-VO-RI-TE page - in french - because so beautifull, funny, and interesting.
Clamp Web

Clamp Web Central

English news-site about Clamp works and released.


Cute World
by Athanea

Cute World

French page dedicated to Sakura (from Card Captor), with lots of pictures from the manga, anime and films.

Magic Chobits

French page about Chobits, with news, summary, and following the french releases.
Clampesque !


French site providing translations for some unknown Clamp works and also some doujinshis.
List about Kazahaya Kudou fans
Character from Gohou Drug who can "read" the past of people and things only by touching them..
List dedicated to Faye D. Flourite
This character from Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle, is one of the ORIGINALS charcters if this manga... and he's also a very smart and pretty-looking guy !
List on Originality.
To become a member, explain what makes you and original and you'll get your own specially hand-made button by the webmaster.
Clover Fan List about Clover.
XXXholic Fan List about XXXholic.
Sakura + Shaolan Fan  ^_^ List about the couple ~ Sakura + Shaoloan ~.


Kawaii Fantasy List dedicated to everything beeing KAWAI - "cute" in japanese...
The Menthol Condom Clique
The Menthol Condom Clique
List about Gohou Drug - Lawful Drug
Anime Bodyguard Watch Out! HIMURA RIKUOU is my bodyguard!
Choose your own and personal bodyguard with this clique...