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12/01/2005 : Merry Christmas !

December calendar is available, and TRC page has been updated, as well as Clamp Anthology.

09/01/2005 :Autumn Layout

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's due to a real lack of time and organisation.
Here's the Winter layout featuring Fye D. Flowright from Tsubasa, and I hope you'll enjoy his company.

02/08/2005 :New Layout

Here is the spring layout featuring the cute Mokona.
Some changes have been added to the Database section, in order to precise and correct some informations. Also a new Calendar page for march, with Yuuko and Kimihiro from XXXholic.

02/08/2005 :New wallpaper

To celebrate the latest Clamp manga, called "KOBATO", I've made a new wallpaper featuring those who seem to be the main characters.

02/01/2005 :Big update and news

Hi everyone !
To begin this year with ina good mood, here's a huge update for the english part :
- Clamp Database is now totally available in english (manga presentation, Clamp Story, artbooks...)
- Clamp Anthology will follow the releasing of this magazine by and about Clamp, with a chess-game featuring Clamp Characters.
- TRC Fading Wings is a presentation about TRC characters and their relation with other manga.

12/03/2004 :Winter Updates

Here is the winter layout, featuring Yuuko the sorceress from xxxHOLiC. It will be there till the end of february, so you have time to vote for the spring layout. Very few news for english visitors, since the most I post in french is about french release of TRC and xxxHOLiC. Just, you can see that Dragons of Destiny and Clover became specific sites, with their own desing. You can go and see them trough the buttons links up there.

10/01/2004 :Some Little Changes...

Here I am again, back and sorry for letting my visitors without any news or updates for so long !!
But my lack of time is one of the reason for those changes. For now, you'll vote only every three month, for a season-layout ; this will start with the winter/X-mas layout I'll put on December. You can vote for it untill end of november.
Also the X-1999 section is about to move on its own homepage, with a specific design. It's still part of Clamp Memorial though, and you'll find there all the informations from the previous state, and some more things I'll add when I get time.
So, let's come back here from time to time to check the going on in Clamp Memorial !

05/24/2004 : Contest : new participations

Two new wallpapers have join the contest, send by Toum and Elodea ; thank you for your cheerings.
For those who want to send a wallpaper, the contest is extended to the 15th june !

05/16/2004 : Contest : 1st participation

I just added the first wallpaper sent to me for the contest. It's an original fanart featuring Kakyo and Hokuto, drawn by Wish. You can have a look to It at the contest page.

05/10/2004 : New artbook

On may, 29th will be released in Japan a new artbook, dedicated to Soryuden, the novels illustrated by Clamp.

05/01/2004 : New contest and layout

Since no one answer the cospay contest, here's a hand-made illustration from my fanfiction about clover.
Happilly, I don't give up and there is the second contest of the Clamp Memorial. It's a fanarts/wallpapers contest about Clamp couples ! Every details on this page.

04/21/2004 : New artist in Fanart section

A new artist is reaching the fanart section. Toyomi has drawn a wonderfull picture of Kotori, using watercolor.
Also 3 news drawings from Krysta Sylphoria.

04/04/2004 : Tsubasa volume 5

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle n°5 will ne released in Japan on April, 16th. Both versions (normal and "de luxe") with different covers, will be available on the same day.

04/04/2004 :Happy Birthday !!!

Clamp Studio celebrate this month his 15th anniversary. This news is provided from their official website, and the event will be completed in Japan with special works from Clamp and some events. Since I don't read Japanese, I can't say much more about this...

04/02/2004 : Clamp Forever !

Ok, my April Joke was not such a good one... but I tried!
However, since Clamp seems to take a pause in their works, not a lot of news for april I guess...

04/01/2004 :True... or false ?

As no more of Clamp series are released in France, I've decided to change my Memorial into a shrine to Yuu Watase. Big update this month ?...

04/01/2004 :New fanarts...

Crysta Sylphoria offers the fanart gallery 3 more works. 2 about RG Veda, et one very original about Sakura. Let's have a look !

03/19/2004 : Clamp Memorial first Contest

Cosplay Photo Contest : Clamp Memorial's first contest is about Clamp's Cosplays. Go and read the rules on the Contest page.

03/16/2004 : New Fanarts

Two new fanartsn donated by Krysta Sylphonia, have joined the fanwork section. Two color pictures about RG Veda, and they're wonderful...

03/01/2004 : March Layout

Here's the march layout, featuring Chii from Chobits. I was looking forward to make a layer with her since a few months, so thank you for choosing Chii.
April's vote is dedicated to the Clamp Detectives : I hope you'll vote to decide who's the most popular of them three.

02/20/2004 : Fanarts donation

Two news Fanarts have joined the Clamp Memorial. Their author is called Wish et she's very talentuous ; just go and see her works !

02/16/2004 : New Wallpapers

A few new wallpapers are available at Piffle Princess-Download Center. One in Clamp section featuring Yuuko and Sakura from Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle. Two others in misc section, about Castelvania- Symphony of The Night and Final Fantasy X-2. Let's have a look to them and tell me what you think of it...

01/11/2004 : Visitors Rate

How Happy ! the Clamp Memorial has reached the wonderful score @_@ of 1000 visitors in the beginning of the month !
A great thanks to all the ones who come regularly and also the others who came once...

01/11/2004 : Clover section

I've totally changed the design of the Clover section. Now it looks more... professionnal. And smart. Well, just tell me what you think about it !

11/25/2003 : New Skins

5 new skins downlaodable at Piffle Princess. 3 are about Final Fantasy X-2, and 2 others about Yami no Matsuei and Castelvania. That's it !

11/18/2003 : Japanese Reedition for RG Veda

Volumes 1,2 and 3 of RG Veda, SEIDEN in Japanese, will be released in a new edition the 28th of november in Japan. They'll have new covers, which illustrations appears in the second artbook Tenmagôka.

11/11/2003 : Second Contest Manga Lovers

the results for the second wallpaper contest are available at Manga Lovers.
And I got the Gold Prize !!!! Thanks a lot to Minaya, and promise, I won't participate any more to leave the place for the others... The next contest is about Yuu Watase's manga "Ayashi no Ceres".

11/09/2003 : Blue Snow...

Here's November's layout, featuring the so elegant Karura-ô. I hope you'll like it, since I think it's really well done...
No votes for december, cause I'm preparing a special X-mas layout with a group picture.
Anb also a new wallpaper at Piffle Princess, about Ayashi no Ceres.

10/27/2003 : Halloween...

Here is the Halloween's Master of Clamp Memorial, Seishiro the cold-but-so-glamourous killer. I hope you'll enjoy this layout, and please give me your opinion through the Guetsbook.

10/27/2003 : Mokona and Modoki...

Do you want some unknown pictures...
Mokona and Modoki are two pets, one black and the other white, taking a very important place in the manga XXXholic and Tsubasa-Resrvoir Chronicle. Clamp's Homepage provides some little illustrations showing them in funny situations, as the one above :
Mokona et Modoki sont dans une baignoire...
To find them, go to the ALBUM section of their site ; the pages with illustrations have a title between [...] and the second column doesn't mean CLAMP but a star followed by the katakana for "Mo-Ko-Na-ni-Mo-Do-Ki".

10/27/2003 : New wallpapers !

2 new wallpapers featuring the manga Clover, designed for the second contest of Manga Lovers (a frensh page about anime and manga).

10/08/2003 : Japanese releases

Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle volume 2 and XXXholic volume 2 will be available in Japan on october, 17th 2003.

08/05/2003 : Woops...

Hi everyone !
Due to an equality between every characters, this month's layout is a group one. I hope you won't be too desapointed. Not a lot of news, cause those I get are concerning french released or these sort of things.
Please vote for the Halloween layout ! I hope for it to be a wondeful one. Promise !!

08/05/2003 : Woops...

I guess I'm very late for the english section update... sorry ! So, let's get some fresh news :
Here is the new layout for august, featuring Kotori (from X). The picture is taken from the artbook "X ZerØ".
Clamp's page new layout has a secret... the fishbowl you can see on it is the one Tatsumi is dreaming of at the beginning of the short storie Yumegari.
Tsubasa scans page has been updated up to chapter 10, but only with summaries. Overwise, there is a link to an other page providing english scanlations for the 5 first chapters.
The links page has been updated, and a new wallapaper is available featuring Alichino (a beautiful manga but not from Clamp).

06/20/2003 : Tsubasa Scans

The Tusbasa Scans Homepage is now up to the chapter 8, and has also scans for the chapter 6 (previously only summarised)
Go and have a look to this place for it.

06/20/2003 : Japanese Released

06/11/2003 : TSUBASA - RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE -- Chapter scans

The four first chapter of Tsubasa are available at this page, along with english translations, and the summary of XXXholic chapters which come between Tsubasa chapters.

25/05/2003 : TSUBASA - RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE !

Amazing is not a strong enough word !
This new's Title is also the title of the latest Clamp manga. All the characters in Tsubasa are coming from Card Captor Sakura, but the world is totally different. Il seems to be a kingdom in a desertic country, where the excavation of old remains is an important mission started by the former King ( = Sakura's Father).
What is REALLY *die* , is that for a reason I won't tell, Sakura and Shaolan are sent to the Sorceress of Dimension, which is Yuuko from XXXholic ! And this same scene appears in both Tsubasa and XXXholic !...
Scans from Tsubasa and english translation are available here.

14/05/2003 : XXXholic Scans !

Great news ! the first chapter of XXXholic - last Clamp work - is available on the net here. These scans are in chinese, but you can get the english translations here.

05/05/2003 : May new layout !

Here's the new layout for this month (I'm a few late, sorry...) Since no one have voted *snifff* I am the one who chose the character, so I hope you'll like it.
Please, vote for June's layout : it's only one click, and it will make me happy !

05/04/2003 : New wallpapers !

Three new items in the "misc" wallpapers : Gackt (ex-singer of Malice Mizer, a japanese visual-pop group), a character from Final Fantasy X-2 (I won't tell more about her...), and Yuna from Final Fantasy X

04/05/2003 : Skins links OK !

I just realized that the skins zip files weren't uploaded yet ! SORRY !
Now it's done, so EVERY links should be working...

04/02/2003 : Another funny quizz !

You are Mokona Apapa, CLAMP's #1 artist! CLAMP's
biggest hits all carried your unique style.
When people think of CLAMP, one of your manga
usually comes to mind.

Which member of CLAMP are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

04/01/2003 : Layout Vote System...

Maybe you have already seen that I have added a short quizz, to know which character you would like to see on the next layout. I had to limit the choices, but this system will be updated each month with new characters. So... Vote, please !

03/27/2003 : Humm, let's see...

Well, two new wallpapers : one is featuring Kamui from X, the other is made from an illustration by Kaori Yuki (Angel Sanctuary). I'm quite fine with the result, I think I'm guetting more skillfull with Photoshop...
I've changed a few the Guestbook organisation, so that I should be able to add your messages faster and easierly.
If you're wondering about the above news, it's a quizz that let you know which character from Gohou Drug you look like the most...and I'm absolutly OK with my result !

03/25/2003 : I'm Rikuou !

Guess what? I'm Rikuou!

Iím the standoffish jerk bishounen of the series whose cold attitude is arguably explained by a tragic and bloody past. I enjoy teasing Kazahaya when I'm not out repeatedly saving his life. Kakei often recruits me to act as the bodyguard in our supernatural jobs, likely because of my borderline telekinetic ability.

Find out with GD bishie you are | by Aelice

03/21/2003 : Spring Time is there !

New layout !
To celebrate the spring and my new job, here is the new layout of Clamp Memorial, featurinf Tatsumi from Yumegari. I love this layout a lot, since I rebuilt it several times before beeing totally satisfied with my work...

talking about work... now that I have a job, updates will probably be stopped for a while ; I will try to update the news at least ocne a week...
I addes a Fanworks section, for my and your arts and fanfics, let's have a look to it... Ja ne !

03/15/2003 : Updated sections

Now on are actually available the following sections :
~ Clover ~ Piffle Princess
~ Fanworks, Links, Banners and Guestbook
~ Dragons of Destiny (X) : Dragons, Apocalypse, Yumemi, Tarot (analysis are not complete yet).

03/12/2003 : Clamp DVD Collection

March, 26th will be available in Japan a box of 5 DVD, gathering Clamp's anime which some are quite uneasy to find. See yourself : Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, RG Veda, both OAV of Tokyo Babylon and the clips of X2. Interesting though the only language available is Japanese, but the cost is quite heavy for a student wallet : 12.500 Yens (around 120 Euros).

03/05/2003 : Wallpapers and news...

Since I searched a lot around the Web... I finally found a few datas about XXXholic, that you can read in the Clamp Database. I've also rewritten some summaries of other works, with more details.
Also two new wallpapers, one about Gohou Drug and another on XXXholic ; go and see them at Piffle Princess...

02/23/2003 : XXXholic first picture ! [image]

Here's the only picture I could find for now : it's the add picture that appears on Young Makazine and Kondasha website ( It seems that Mick Nekoi is still the main drawer, in a very gothis-style this time... Hum, I think, I'm going to be a fan of this new story ...

02/23/2003 : Clamp rare self-portraits ! [image]

I found this picture on the Net a few days ago, and forgot to notice the address (gomen...)
Here appears Clamp's members with their. former Asuka's Editor...... Aoki Seiichirou!! (now it's Segawa Keniichi...). .it seems taht he ahs inspired Fuuma hair-style a lot... and that Satsuki Yatouji from X is a copie of Clamp member Satsuki Igarashi.

And also, in the Memorial Book of Sakura, Clamp explains that Tomoyo's mother, Sonomi, has the same hair-style as a member of Clamp had at a certain time... Mick Nekoi !
Even Spinel and Keroberos are said to be designed from Clamp's cats...

02/21/2003 :

Some new wallpapers and skins have been uploaded.
I have read yesterday on the Net that Clamp's latest work is called XXXholic, and will be serialised in Japan from february, 24th 2003, in Kodansha's "Young Magazine" - the same magazine as Chobits...