Clamp Anthology

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Collector Box and chessboard

Clamp Anthology is an exclusive magazine in 12 parts, made by Clamp to celebrate the 15th abbiversary of their group. Each part is releéased with 3 chessmen designed as a character from Clamp's works. In order to store the 12 parts, a Collector Box is also available, with a chessboard.

Alternative pawns, featuring Kéro and Spinel

Each magazine is 23x28 cm, and contains about 30 pages. There are some interviews of Clamp and other mangaka who know them, a new manga drawn specially for the mag and a big part dedicated to one of several manga whith explanations, characters, details, and a listing of goodies.

There is also some alternative pawns for the chess game, featuring Kéro and Spinel from Sakura in place of black and white mokona from Tsubasa.

Volume 1

Released Jap: November 2004

Guest : Yoshiki Tanaka
Série : Card Captor Sakura
Chessmen : Sakura (white queen), Mokona (white pawn), Modoki (black pawn)
Cover and chessmen

Volume 2

Released Jap: December 2004

Guest : Tamayo Akiyama
Comics : The daily life of Sonoko
Séries : Card Captor Sakura, Clover, Watashi no sukina hito
Chessmen : Tomoyo (black Queen), Kimihiro (black bishop), Mokona (white pawn)
Cover et cheesmen

Volume 3

Released Jap: January 2005

Guest : Takeshi Okazaki
Série : Tokyo Babylon
Chessmen : Subaru (white bishop), Mokona (white pawn), Modoki (black pawn)

Volume 4

Released Jap: February 2005

Séries : Angelic Layer, (?)
Chessmen : Misaki (white rook), Modoki (black pawn), Seishirô (black bishop)

Volume 5

Released Jap: March 2005

Séries : Clamp School Detectives, 20 menso onegai !!, Dukalyon
Chessmen : Suu (rook), Nokoru Imonoyama (knight), Mokona (white pawn)

Volume 6

Série : RG Veda
Chessmen : Hikaru (knight), Ashura (rook), Modoki (black pawn)

Volume 7

Séries : Wish, Suki dakara suki, Chobits
Chessmen : Chii (rook), Akira Ijuin (knight), Mokona (white pawn)

Volume 8

Série : X
Chessmen : Kamui (king), Mokona (white pawn), Modoki (black pawn)

Volume 9

Séries : X, Miyuki-chan in Winderland, (?)
Chessmen : Fuuma (king), Miyuki (bishop), Modoki (black pawn)

Volume 10

Séries : XXXholic, Lawful Drug
Chessmen : Fye (bishop), Yuuko (queen), Mokona (white pawn)

Volume 11

Séries : Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, (?)
Chessmen : Kohaku (bishop), Kurogane (knight), Modoki (black pawn)

Volume 12

Série : Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Chessmen : Shaolan - TRC (king), Mokona (white pawn), Modoki (black pawn)