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Clamp-Net : Official Homepage
Every fan MUST go at least once on this page. It's all in japanese, but you can found in the LOFT some cute icons for lots of their characters (downloadable as ZIP files).

Lonely Evil
Beautiful and smart site, about some Clamp's works quite unknown on the web. Some nice pictures too.

Hemuloki Scanlations
Hemuloki Scanlations - Faye

English scanlations - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and XXXholic are available with other stuff.

Clamp RPG
Let's become a student in the Clamp School Campus. This Online Role Playing Game enable you to choose wathever Clamp character you want and play it in the Clamp Campus. Your character just have to be between 15 and 30 years old (as a student should be), and you need to be a quite good writer.

Sakura Dreams
Several shrines, especially to X-1999 and Gohou Drug.

Gohou Drug / Lawful Drug

Gahou Drug site. Gallery, goodies, scanlations.

Addicted : a Gohou Drug site
Gallery and Asuka scans.


The X Tarot Gallery

out of my mind // WITH A SLASH //

Dreams of Sakura X Shrine


Alita's Clover Page

Clover - A True Elsewhere

clover - if you find a four-leaf clover...

A gentle smile soothes the soul // digital escape

Clamp sounds and pictures

The Clamp Art Gallery
Several Image Galleries about various Clamp's works.

CLAMP Mp3 Horde
Music from Clamp anime and TV series

The CLAMP Warehouse - Clamp Wallpaper
Lots of wallpapers designed from Clamp's works.

Misc Manga/Japanim

LOTS of scanlations (none of Clamp...) in english. My favorites are Alichino and Yami no Matsuei, and also Kaori Yuki short stories.

Anime Web Turnpike
List site about manga and japanimation. Very complete.

Mibozu's Site


Zone Gifs
Backgrounds, images and gif-animated for your site.

Michel's Militaria Collection
My father's page !