Fading Wings

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Here you'll find a presentation of all characters from TRC, sorted by country, with explanation about where they are from.
Original characters - meaning those who don't appear in another manga - are specified by *°*.

Clow Kingdom - Sélès Kingdom - Medieval Japan - Japan (present)

Hanshin Republic - Country of Jade - Country of Ôtô

Clow Kingdom
Clow is a powerfull sorcerer from Card Captor Sakura. He's the one who created the Clow Cards


Shaolan's father. He came 7 years ago in order to study the ruins in the desert of Clow, but he died before the excavation begins.
.::. from CCS - Sakura's father


Son of an archeologist, he works at the excavation in the desert to achieve his father's research. He's also a childhood friend of princess Sakura.
His wish : "I won't let Sakura die."
.::. from CCS - descendant of Clow family, he's searching the Clow Cards. He'll become friend with Sakura and help her to capture the Cards.


Princess of Clow Kingdom, and childhood friend of Shaolan. She has a mysterious power that seems related to the ruins in Clow desert.
.::. from CCS - She's the one who has to capture all the Clow Cards, and was chosen by the Guardian Keroberos


King of Clow Kingdom, older brother of Sakura. He's always teasing her about Shaolan because he knows their both destiny are linked.
.::. from CCS - older brother of Sakura


Priest and friend of Toya. He learned in a vision that Sakura own an awful power, and that her and Shaolan would have to get through great difficulties. He sends them to Yuuko the Dimension's Witch after some unknown soldiers attacked their kingdom.
.::. from CCS - friend of Toya, he's in fact the other face of Yue, second Guardian of the Clow Cards


Former king of Clow, Sakura and Toya's father. He once asked Sakura to become friend with Shaolan and take care of him, in order to heal his mind from his past.
.::.from CCS - powerful sorcerer who lives in Eriol and Fujitaka souls.

Where Evil is hiding

"Black Bird" *°*

This is the emblem of the mysterious ennemies who attacked Clow and Seles Country.

Fei Waso *°*

He knows a lot of thingsd about sakura powers, and wants to gain the power to travel through dimensions.

Shin F *°*

A mysterious women working for Fei Waso

Soldiers *°*

The Black Bird soldiers who attacked Clow and Sélès country and Castle Shirasagi.

Medieval Japan


Princess of this country, she's also a magician. She cast a spell on Kurogane before to send him to Yuuko, in order to prevent him from killing again without a reason.
.::. from CCS - best friend of Sakura


Ninja in the employ of princess Tomoyo, always blaming Kurogane for his lack of respect.
.::. from RG Veda - one of the stars of destiny, only survivor of the Soma family

Kurogane *°*

Ninja in the employ of Tomoyo, he killed numbers of unknown soldiers (the same who attacked Clow Kingdom) in order to protect Shirasagi castle. To punish him for his violence, Tomoyo cast a spell on him that will reduce his power each time he will kill withour a reason, ans send him in another dimension. He seems to be very attached to his princess
His wish : "I want to go back home !"

Seles Kingdom
Seles is the water demorobo in MKR

Fye D. Flowright *°*

Powerfull magician, he takes his power from a tatoo on his back. He has created Chii. For an unknown reason, he left his country forever.
His wish : "I wish never to go back where I come from."


She was created by Fye. He transforms her in order to protect King Ashura.
.::. from Chobits - Persocon found by Hideki, which is able to have feelings


King of Seles. He's layed down asleep in a pond, deep in his clastle, protected by Chii.
.::. from RG-Veda - king of Ashura family, damned because of his wish to prevent his son to destroy the world

Japan (present)
It's the Japan where lots of manga from Clamp are taking place, like XXXholic, Sakura, Lawful Drug, Suki Dakara Suki; etc...


Great sorceress, she's the owner of a shop where she grants everyone whishes, in exchange with something of same value. She sends Shaolan, Fye and Kurogane for a trave through various dimensions, thanks to Mokona powers.
.::.from XXXholic


He works for Yuuko since he came in her shop. He can see ghosts and spirits but don't like it.
.::.from XXXholic

Les Mokona Modoki *°*

Those magical creature were made by Yuuko and Clow, for the moment Sakura and Shaolan will come. The white is used to travel from a dimension to another ( and as an instant translator ^^) and the black one can comunicate qwith the white.
.::.from MKR - sacred creature of Céphiro he's the one who create this world